v0.6.5.215 (released on 01. 12. 2004)
- added some window-informations
window properties
- added some process-informations
service list
- hot-key-support for window-finder-tool
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

v0.6.5.198 (released on 02. 11. 2004)
- just some little bugfixes

v0.6.5.194 (released on 09. 09. 2004)
- Service-List implemented
- ServiceInfo-Window implemented
- ThreadInfo-Window implemented
- ModuleInfo-Window implemented
- added some window-informations
class infos
- added some process-informations
security infos
- desktop-icon-positions can now be saved (for docking)
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

v0.5.4.168 (released on 28. 05. 2004)
- optimized search-algorithms
- FindWindow-Code-Generator creates FindWindow-Code for any window (in Delphi or C/C++)
- added some window-informations
child window
parent window
- added some process-informations
memory infos
security infos (not finished yet
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

v0.5.4.145 (released on 03. 04. 2004)
-all icons redesigned
-some parts completely revised
-added several process-informations
-ProcessInfo-window implemented
-now using WMI
-some minor bug-fixes

v0.5.3.114 (released on 11. 11. 2003)
-small bug-fix for the filter-system

v0.5.3.113 (released on 08. 11. 2003)
-80% of the code rewritten
-all lists new implemented
-new threading-model
-trees can be filtered
-the finder-tool can be integrated into the main-window
-in the finder-tool you can search directly for classnames and/or window-titels
-the program can be minimized to the SysTray
-additional informations in the statusbar
-and some minor details and bug-fixes

v0.4.2.37 (released on 17. 04. 2003)
- project portated from D5 Std. to D6 Prof.
- Search-Windows are no longer Child-Windows of the List-Windows
- now supports 2 parameters
"-reset" :
sets all properties to the default values
"-config" :
shows the properties-dialog at startup
- X-Spy Style implemented (all Windows now have the X-Spy style)
- MainForm can now be floating
- added some process-informations
Security-Infos (not finished yet)
- fixed some bugs

v0.3.7.161 (released on 23. 12. 2002)
- fixed some bugs
- process-informations partly implemented

v0.3.7.152 (released on 10. 11. 2002)
fixed some bugs

v0.3.7.148 (released on 30. 10. 2002)
just again some parts reworked and optimized, fixed some bugs, added some minor details

v0.3.7.132 (released on 20. 10. 2002)
some parts reworked/optimized, trees can be sorted, trees can be searched (will be optimized/reworked soon), fixed some bugs, Thread synchronisation improved

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